Monday, July 7, 2008

Resurrect a fly back to life

Resurrection of a dead fly.

This is an easy magic trick that require a little preparation.

The idea of this trick is to grab a passer by and pretend to find a dead fly (this fly will be planted by you.) You then take the fly in the palm of your hand and bring it back to life in front of their eyes.

How its done.

Firstly you need to catch a living fly, this is the hardest part of the trick. (honestly)
You then place the fly in a container and place the container into a freezer.
The freezer will cause the fly to become drowsy and appear dead and lifeless.
Now you need to work quickly.
Fetch the fly from the freezer and plant it somewhere you would expect to see a dead fly. This could be on the front of a car windscreen for example. Try and keep it shaded from sunlight.
Now quickly grab a passer by and tell him/her that you need to find a dead fly to perform this act. Conveniently find your planted fly (which should still be drowsy) and place it in the palm of your hand. With the other hand make some motion waves over the fly. The heat from your palm should cause the fly to come round from its state of comma and fly off, leaving the audience stunned.
This might seem like a little hassle to go to in the setup stage but the effect of your victim is definitely worth it.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Easy Magic - push a cigarette through a coin

This Easy Magic Trick has been used by the like of David Blaine yet it's so easy to do.

First watch the video below, it's David Blaine in action.

Now the thing is with this trick is that because it's so easy you have to really put on a convincing act to make sure the audience believe it's real magic.

You can grap you own magic coin here using the link below, click on the UK for an identical pound coin or US for the American alternative

Coin UK

Coin US - not available yet, check back soon

Magic Guru

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vanishing toothpick magic trick

This is probably one of the easiest magic tricks on the blog to date. It's a good one to learn because it takes little preparation and the result is quite effective.

Now you just need to practice this a couple of times to make it look smooth and so you can perform it with ease.

Magic Guru.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Is this a Magic Trick ?

Is this a Magic Trick ? They called it mind control.

I love this kind of stuff and although it's not the type of magic we're looking at at the moment i thought it was worth a look.

Magic Guru

Easy Magic Trix - Sleight of hand

Easy Magic Trix talks about sleight of hand.

Today we're going to have a look at sleight of hand and what you might use it for. Sleight of hand can take a long time to master but once you have it, its a very effective tool to have.

So what is sleight of hand?

I've taken the following snippet from wikipedia because i think they have explained it better than I could in a short sentence.

"Sleight of hand, also known as 'prestidigitation' ("quick fingers") or l├ęger de main (from the for french "lightness of hand"), is the set of techniques used by a magician (or card sharp) to manipulate objects such as cards and coins secretly. "

So to put it basically, you (the magician) are trying to perform an act without the audience seeing it or knowing about it, so you can then manipulate the trick to get the required out come. This will make the act appear to of been magic.

Lets take a look at this video to see sleight of hand being performed.

In the video you saw a man performing a trick where the chosen card taken from the pack appeared on the top of the deck. Somewhere within in the trick he used sleight of hand to pull the card to the top.

When you first try to perform a sleight of hand magic trick, it will be most likely that the you will not be able to pull of the effect. This is normal, mostly because you are using hand muscles that you have not used before and this takes training.

Practice makes perfect. This is the key to nailing any magic trick, especially sleight of hand. When trying a new trick, make sure you follow the instructions to the tee, then practice daily, but only for short periods. Do not over whelm yourself with information. More than likely you will first be able to do the trick then after you know what you are doing you practice it to perfect it and make it look smooth.

In the article "Making a Card Disappear" this is also sleight of hand. Have a look at the video and practice until you nail it.

If you want more material consider adding this dvd to your arsenal.

Art of Sleight of Hand - DVD -  Jay Sankey

Magic Guru

Easy Magic Trix has RSS Feed

Hi folks,

This just to let you know we have an exciting new function on the the Easy Magic Trix blog. Its called an rss feed. By choosing this option you will be able to follow the blog and be updated as and when a knew article or comment has been posted. All of which is free.

As you can now see in the top right hand side of the blog, just above the blog archive section, its says "subscribe to easy magic trix". Then directly below that there is 2 drop down menus. One is called "Posts" and the other "Comments". Simply select from the drop down menu the application you have to receive the update. This service is 100% free so dont be afraid to try it.

If you dont have an application to receive rss feeds then I would recommend Google Reader. This is the one I use and is very convenient. Again you can get this for free. Use the link at the end of this post.

You can load many rss feeds into Google Reader, not just the Easy Magic Trix blog so now you can stay informed be simply checking your Google Reader or other application.

Until Next Time....

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